You have what it takes

to change your life

and discover the person

you are meant to be.

“I underestimated how this program would affect me…

I was finally able to look at my evening wine habit with curiosity instead of shame… And the most profound thing that has been helpful? Just having permission to not drink: even though it was a shitty day, even though it’s a holiday, even though it’s the weekend. Drinking is no longer a given, it’s a choice, and unless I’m feeling really called to it I don’t have to bother… and I can still have fun and be social. Thanks for giving my evenings and confidence back.”

– Lee Anne

I don’t feel like alcohol is the enemy…

Something I don’t have control over, or something that makes me weak. I’ve accepted that it really is neutral — that has been huge.

– Jocelyn

“I enrolled in the program, trusted the process, planned for completing the exercises, and have felt the returning of the self that I love. Enrolling in this course has been the best decision I have made for myself in years!”


“Rachel’s program is life-changing! With her guidance, I’ve been able to transform my thoughts on drinking alcohol. Her practices not only help with drinking but have helped me be a better parent, wife and person in all of my life. I am forever grateful.”


“Only wish I’d started this work sooner. It’s helping me to become the person I’ve always known I was meant to be. I’m now unwinding the habit and replacing it with bigger and better things. I have so much hope, but even better, an understanding, of how to move onward and upward.”


“I noticed I don’t think about drinking all day. I never drink mindlessly anymore and I understand myself better. If I do drink, I make an informed decision.”


You helped me pinpoint the elusive part I just wasn’t seeing…

Even though it was right in front of me: anticipating and planning for “the freak out” in my brain when I said no! Now I feel so confident, capable, and determined. Truly like I got this.

– Julia

“I have tried to cut back on my drinking for years.

I had basically given up. I thought I had a serious problem with alcohol but I was just stuck in a pattern I didn’t know how to change. Rachel gave me the tools I needed to take charge and change my behaviour without shame or deprivation. This program is worth 10 times what I paid!!”

– Anne Marie

“I finally see what alcohol is in my life, how it serves me. Knowing this is so powerful because it allows me to see what I’m doing with it. My clarity of thought, my skin, and my workouts are measurably improved, which I never imagined would be the case.”


“I was intimidated by the thought of trying to take a 30 day break. However I knew that I certainly wasn’t going to be able to do it unless I tried. Committing to taking a break was the turning point for me. That is where I got traction and developed the mental muscle to allow urges, sit with boredom and learn how to create my own fun instead of consuming it.”


“I now know how much healthier I feel when I am not drinking and how it keeps me from really living the life I want to live.”


“I was a heavy drinker for 10.5 years. I felt trapped by my personal life with husband and kids, work and the demands of being a professional and then taking care of my mom and others. I was angry at my place in life and that I was basically a servant in all areas of my life. I used alcohol to numb my feelings. Rachel’s tagline is true, 30 days and change your life forever. My 30 days have brought me clarity. I still have an urge from time to time, but I’m able to look at it for what it is, a false mirage.”


“I couldn’t imagine dealing with my busy life and schedule without my nightly wine habit.

I couldn’t imagine being around open bar events and tiring travel schedules without my ‘wine treat.’ And yet, on my break, I did everything I normally do, and it felt fine. I slept much better. I woke up every day with focus and optimism. I lost a lot of weight (bonus!), and I enjoyed being with myself and my thoughts. For me, this was a great lesson and a triumph.”

– Nina

I feel like I am discovering the world anew.

Each day I uncover new parts of myself that were hidden or that did not exist before. I am so alive and actually crying with gratitude for seeing clearly the old life I have outgrown and I am living in this new way supported by you, Rachel, and your team, through everything you have to offer. Thank you for guiding me on the path of becoming the me that has been hidden, but who is now majestically climbing towards the top of the mountain with the goal of being free and strong and confident to enjoy new vistas and unravel new mysteries.

– Alina

“The biggest part was discovering that alcohol is not a problem. Yes, that’s right, it’s not a problem, even though I was regularly drinking a bottle of wine per day. What I have learned is that it is not a problem but a symptom of something I have needed, to mask or numb what is happening in my life. I have begun the hard work of figuring out what I *thought* alcohol could do for me, and adjusting my life to not need to mask or numb. It is an exciting time for me, and I am very grateful for having my eyes opened to what can be.”


“The Take A Break program has changed my life. Through this closely, clearly guided program I’ve gotten control of my wine consumption. I’ve learned the true reason I’m drinking and trying to hide from reality. This program is no joke, but if you’re willing to put in the time and work you’ll benefit immensely. I feel like I have my life back and I’m once again the happy person I used to be!”


“I am so happy that I took the leap and signed up for the Take a Break program. What held me back was fear. Fear of failing and fear of succeeding. See, when I was in the grips of daily drinking, both options scared me. If I failed, what would that mean for me? If I succeeded, I would have (what I thought at the time) an awful deprived feeling for 30 days and probably a rush right back to my habit. I was wrong about both! This program was a game-changer and I’m truly grateful for the experience.”


“When I first started the program I would have never thought my relationship with alcohol would change this drastically! I am so thankful I signed up. I was so back and forth for so long and finally just did it. Honestly if you don’t know if you should sign up, just do it. That’s how you know you need to do something, when your brain says I don’t know, I think I’m okay. That’s a red flag.”


“Working with Rachel is the best investment I have ever made in myself.

A year ago I was overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and stuck. I had tried so many times to take a break from drinking and to improve my life in general. I have completely lost my desire for alcohol and my entire outlook on life has changed for the better. I went from using alcohol as a crutch to hide from my feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy to learning that alcohol only magnified these feelings for me. I have the confidence to handle anything that comes my way. I have completely changed the way I see myself and those around me, for the better.”

– Robyn

I’ve learned that the urge is not something to fear.

It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me. It’s just uncomfortable, and uncomfortable things pass eventually. I used to reach for a glass of wine first thing after walking into the kitchen at the end of a day. I don’t have that urge anymore. I no longer feel like alcohol is the enemy, something I don’t have control over, or something that makes me weak. I’ve accepted that it really is neutral. That has been huge, and I feel so much lighter.

– Jocelyn

“Everyone deserves to allow themselves a period of deep self-inquiry.

The Take a Break program offers a really effective and simple platform for exactly that. Not only did it help me change my relationship with alcohol, but the sobriety provided clarity to help me change my relationship with myself.”

– Crissy

“Drinking alcohol was a BIG habit in my life. It was my default daily to relax, celebrate, comfort, cope. By “taking a break” for 30 days and faithfully doing the work, I feel that I have mentally reframed so many issues. I have learned to sustain the skills, and create new approaches and solutions to daily challenges. I feel much healthier and happier. I intend to continue to be all in. Thank you, Rachel for your thoughtful and effective program.”


“I have been struggling with my relationship with wine for almost 30 years. I spent about a week debating whether to sign up or not – after all, shouldn’t I be strong enough to manage on my own? Then I asked myself, how well has that approach worked for you so far? Once I signed up and got started, I never looked back. What a relief! Rachel’s kind, compassionate, and thoroughly knowledgeable approach was perfect for me from the very first video. I have learned so much about how my brain works, and how to manage my mind around drinking, but also around other thoughts and habits. I have learned to work with myself instead of against myself, and without all of the shame.”


“I had an amazing moment at a work holiday party…

in which I suddenly realized that I was not drinking and not eating any of the cookies and that none of this was a big deal! A year ago, my mind would have been full of chatter about how I had to drink or eat x y or z and how everyone would be judging me if I didn’t…. I feel free of all of that now. It is hard to put into words how completely revolutionary this has been for my mind and now for my life.”

– Paige

“Alcohol is no longer necessary… I feel free from the hold it had on me – it’s simply one of many choices out there to change, augment, or dampen my mood.”


“I have been wanting to take control of my drinking for several years. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my nightly habit of de-stressing with alcohol. I learned that I could not rely on willpower and that I needed to nurture myself especially when things get difficult. I am still learning about myself. Finding happiness and peace is a process. But it’s better than the process of self destruction. And the scary part was I didn’t even realize I was self-destructing.”


“This program has been a Godsend for me! I have fallen victim to the habit of thinking certain days/situations are drinking times (Friday/Sat/Sun!) and it’s led to overindulgence, headaches and hangovers — definitely results I don’t like. I have older children and haven’t been a good model for them. I needed to understand how I’d arrived at this place, a place of feeling out of control — once I poured one glass of wine, soon the whole bottle was empty! The sound reasoning and logic of Rachel’s coaching is invaluable.”


“Friday night without booze – no longer a problem! I learned how to believe in myself, embrace discomfort, and I became a stronger and happier person”



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