Imagine yourself…

Not craving a drink after a bad day.

Saying no without the back and forth.

Forgetting to finish your glass.

It’s possible to transform your relationship with alcohol.

let me tell you

My Story

I know what it’s like to be conflicted about drinking.

Pouring a glass of wine was fun, relaxing, and a way to enjoy the finer things in life.

But that didn’t mean I always felt good about how much I drank.

I couldn’t figure out why…

Promises to take the night off, often unraveled by day’s end.

I routinely finished my drink before everyone at the table.

Once I started drinking, more always seemed better.

Doing what I knew was good for me felt so difficult.

Even though these questions nagged at me, I kept them to myself.

I was taught something was wrong with you… if you couldn’t hold your liquor.

I would make rules… and then rebel against them.

Even after long periods of abstinence… I would end up right back where I started.

I wasn’t an alcoholic, but that didn’t mean my drinking felt normal.

I wanted to be able to trust myself and not have my drinking be an issue.

But I simply hated feeling deprived.

And that’s exactly how I felt whenever I said no.

Evenings weren’t as relaxing. Outings weren’t as fun. And I was less at ease.


I knew if this didn’t change, neither would my drinking. 

Then one day, I came across a simple idea.
You don’t reach for a drink, without something unfolding in your mind first.

There was always a good reason to say yes…

After a crappy day, I told myself I deserved a treat.

If my partner suggested drinks, I worried he’d be disappointed if I said no.

After opening an expensive bottle, I told myself it would be silly to waste it.

If I felt out of my element, I was sure that a drink would help.

Willpower was no match for these deeply ingrained thought patterns.

Lasting change means learning how to think differently

Yes, thinking is a skill that you can practice and get better at.
And no, I’m not talking about convincing yourself alcohol is poison.

I’m talking about practicing believable mindset shifts that make it easier to say no.

When I learned how to do this, I no longer needed to grit my teeth, avoid temptation, or promise life-long abstinence.

Cravings were normal. But no one had ever shown me how to make peace with the desire in my body.

Excuses were to be expected. But “just say no” was the only education I got on how to handle them.

Learning a new skill isn’t possible without failing. But as soon as I made I mistake, I would feel defeated and say “screw it.”

The secret was training my brain to respond differently to the moments I would normally give in.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of people on their own journeys to decide the relationship they want to have with alcohol.

here’s what

Sets My Work Apart


There’s no one right answer for everyone. Whether you want to drink less, drink rarely, or not at all, your goal is worthy, and we’ll help you get there.


Instead of relying on discipline and willpower, you need tools to manage cravings and the triggers connected to overdrinking.


Getting drunk isn’t bad, and abstaining isn’t a virtue. Inserting worthiness into habit change only increases fear, deprivation and shame.


Scare tactics and lectures on the harms of alcohol ignore that the benefits of drinking are real. You can’t create lasting change without this piece of the puzzle.


Pressing pause on your drinking is the foundation of habit change. Breaks are time to research the habit and create your unique map of triggers and obstacles.


Rules and restrictions disconnect you from your body. Mindful drinking helps you slow down, listen to your body, and figure out what’s right for you.

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