Stop worrying about your drinking and start living your life.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover when you take a break.

drop pounds

look better

feel calmer

more energy

more pleasure

more money

Create a life that is bigger, better and way more pleasurable.

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Who this is for

You know drinking isn’t great for your health or your waistline, yet you keep breaking your promise to go easy tonight.

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Why my approach is different

You don’t need a higher power to change the habit. You need the tools to harness the power of your brain.

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What You’ll Discover

Alcohol isn’t good or bad or right or wrong. What matters is whether you like the relationship you have with it.

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Fed up with your drinking.
Worried about judgment from others.
Turned off by approaches that tell you you’re powerless.
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Transform your relationship with alcohol forever. No labels. No judgment. Just practical advice based on modern-day tools of habit change. It’s easier than you think.



“It is hard to put into words how completely revolutionary this has been for my mind and now for my life. What was once a longstanding, inescapable habit is almost completely forgotten.”

– Paige