30 days without a drink. Change your life forever.

My Approach

What You’ll Learn

How it Works

Have You Ever Asked Yourself…

Everyone else knows when to call it quits, but I’m always up for another.

Am I missing an off-switch?

I know it’s not great for my health, but I just can’t resist a glass (or three) of wine.

Why can’t I do what’s good for me?

I’m too old to be worried about my drinking and feeling bad about last night.

Will I ever figure this out?

Now don’t freak out.

You don’t have a disease or have to admit that you’re powerless.

You just need to understand what’s happening in the brain when you drink, and why it makes saying no challenging.

I loved to drink.

Pouring a glass of wine was a reward after a long day.

I felt sophisticated with a fancy cocktail in my hand and knew that the fun was about to begin.

But drinking was also a headache.

A big one.

Sometimes I’d go out with friends, have a couple of drinks, and that would be that.

Other times, the hazy memories of last night would make me want to hide in bed.

I’d promise myself I’d be good, only to have a crappy week and feel like I deserved to be “bad”.

I’d lay off for awhile, only to feel deprived and then go back to drinking with even more gusto.

The more I failed, the more I worried.

Why was I stuck in this love-hate relationship with alcohol?

My life wasn’t in tatters. But passing out in front of Netflix with a bottle of wine wasn’t exactly living the dream either.

It turns out my love-hate relationship wasn’t with alcohol… it was with how I felt when I said no.

Pouring a drink is rarely about the drink (even if it’s a Château Margaux). It’s about how you feel in the moment.

Just take a look

It’s a celebration!

You don’t want to sit there bored, looking like a goody-two-shoes, while everyone else around you is having a grand ol’ time.

Work was a total shit-show.

It’s been this way for months, and you need a night off. A drink in your hand is the permission you need to stop looking at your inbox.

“Don’t make me drink alone!”

UGH! Your partner/friend/sister knows you’re trying to cut back. But truthfully, connecting is so much easier when you share a bottle.

Mom duty never ends.

Dinner won’t make itself. Homework battles. Bedtime meltdowns. Getting out the wine is the signal that Mom is off the clock.

You’re sick of being perfect.

You were so good all week, but the scale hasn’t budged. If your hard work doesn’t matter, why not have a drink instead of depriving yourself even more?

I just feel too awkward.

As soon as you showed up at the event, your inner mean-girl kicked into high gear. Making a beeline for the bar is the best way to shut her up.

Life just never lets up.

These days, the news just goes from bad to worse. Even the government thinks liquor stores are essential services. Besides, you’ll be good when things get back to normal.

It doesn’t matter if you start out with the best of intentions. If you…

feel deprived when you say no or find yourself wanting to “rebel” against restrictions

use a drink to take the edge off stress, anxiety, or insecurity

find it easier to open up, connect, and have fun with a drink in your hand

then your love-hate relationship isn’t with alcohol; it’s with how you feel when you say no.

Your desire is simply an indicator of something important happening beneath the surface.

You helped me pinpoint the elusive part I just wasn’t seeing…

Even though it was right in front of me: anticipating and planning for “the freak out” in my brain when I said no! Now I feel so confident, capable, and determined. Truly like I got this.

– Julia

You need to stop fixating on what’s in your glass and start focusing on what’s in your mind.

Learning how to change this relationship is easier than you think.

I’ve taught thousands of women how to do it inside my Take a Break program.

Here’s what makes my approach different:

The Gift of a
Clean Slate

Too much wine is like too much clutter. Unless you start getting rid of stuff, you’re just going to keep moving around piles and never make real headway.

Alcohol is

Demonizing booze only turns it into a forbidden fruit, making you want it more. Instead of shaming and blaming, learn how to be curious about the relationship you developed.

Clear up
the Mystery

Does it ever feel like drinking just happens? There’s always a decision behind pouring a drink. Once you understand how habits form in the brain you’ll know how to find it.

Real Life is Essential

You can’t do this work in a vacuum or wait for a magical stress-free time to appear with zero events, vacations, or deadlines. Permanent change requires practicing the skills in real life.


It’s about learning how to say no to a drink and without forgoing connection, fun, and ease.

It’s about teaching yourself that you are in control of your desire, not the other way around.

Only then can you decide the relationship you want to have with alcohol.

I don’t feel like alcohol is the enemy…

Something I don’t have control over, or something that makes me weak. I’ve accepted that it really is neutral — that has been huge.

– Jocelyn

What will your relationship with alcohol look like in the future?

You might discover…

You feel better physically and emotionally when your body doesn’t have to work overtime every night.

It wasn’t the glass of wine you wanted so badly. It was relief from the barrage of stress, anxiety, and worry.

Now that you know how to get past your anxiety jitters on your own, you don’t even want the drink.

You may drink in the future, but only once you know you truly can take it or leave it.

The point is, you can’t decide what kind of relationship you want to have with alcohol until you understand why you’re in your current one.

Over the course of 30 days you’ll learn how to:

Banish Deprivation

Stop being at the mercy of the urge to drink by teaching your brain that unmet desire isn’t a big deal.

Take Back Control

Clear up the mystery behind how alcohol interacts with the brain and never again feel like drinking just “happens.”

Have Your Back

Learn how to follow through on your commitment, navigate obstacles, and pick yourself up after setbacks.

Feel Better Fast

Discover a foolproof way to cope with anxiety, stress, worry, and boredom, and become stronger and more resilient in the process.

The take a break program

A 30-day live coaching program that will give you the step-by-step process you need to change your relationship with alcohol forever.

The Four Pillars Course

A self-study course made up of video and audio lessons, plus tons of exercises that will help you understand alcohol, your brain, and the habit in a new light.

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Live video coaching calls with Rachel where you can get coached, listen to other women in your shoes, and get answers to all your questions.

Daily Inbox Inspiration

Short and to-the-point emails that will keep you learning, inspired, and on track so that you can sustain your progress during your 30-day journey.

The Answer Bank 

Over 1,000 Q&As on how to navigate events, friendships, family, vacations, dating, sex, and more, without a drink.

The Sos Process

Sometimes you need a quick fix fast. The SOS Process will help you get back on track when you’re ready to throw in the towel or need to pick yourself up after last night.

Progress Trackers

Crossing days off a calendar isn’t what matters. It’s what you’re learning along the way. Quickly shift setbacks into stepping stones.

Here’s another Secret

Just by taking a break, you’ll unlock tons of added benefits.

Lose Weight

I don’t care if you only drink Skinnygirl Margaritas. Alcohol = empty calories and extra snacking, sabotaging all your hard work at the gym.

Better Looking skin

In addition to day-after puffy face (thanks dehydration), alcohol robs the body of Vitamin A, the main ingredient in your fancy anti-aging serum.

More Restful Sleep

Alcohol messes with REM sleep (the most restorative part of your sleep cycle) increases snoring, and leads to more middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Improved Digestion

Drinking creates an inhospitable environment for healthy gut bacteria which means all those expensive probiotics are fighting a losing battle.

Increased Productivity

Better sleep + improved health = more energy. Imagine what you could get done if you were running at full capacity.

More money

It’s not just the bar tab that adds up. It’s all the eating, smoking, shopping you would have thought twice about. Plus the Ubers home, the extra dry cleaning, and unused gym memberships.

More time

Drinking steals the little time you have to yourself at night. Once you’re several glasses in, you end up zoning out in the evenings and oversleeping in the mornings.


Waking up anxious or blue after a night of drinking isn’t just about next-day regret. Even small amounts of alcohol interfere with the neurotransmitters needed to regulate your mood.

A better You

When you feel good about your choices all your relationships improve. You have more to give to the people you love and more energy to create a future that excites you.

Who doesn’t want to look better, have more energy, feel happier, get more done, and have more money?

Let’s talk about your priorities and what really matters in life.

Your Mind

Your mental health, well-being, and happiness. Not to mention your ability to think, create, and go after what you want in life.

Your Body

Your physical fitness and optimal health. Your ability to enjoy and explore the world without exhaustion, sickness, or pain.

Your Relationships

Creating deep, honest connections with your partner, your family, your friends, your spirituality, or anything else you hold dear.

Your Purpose

Knowing that your life matters. There will never be another you, with your voice, your perspective, or your vision.

Notice Alcohol Isn’t A Priority?

Yet it takes up so much time, space, and energy in your life.

The constant internal bargaining.

Whether or not to drink, how much to drink, and the emotional toll when you break your promise.

Feeling like you carry a secret.

Not opening up to friends and family because they won’t get it or don’t take you seriously.

The sense that you’re treading water.

Telling yourself that you’ll go after your dreams once you fix this (and all your other problems), but that day has yet to arrive.

Changing your relationship with alcohol is an investment in creating a life you love.

The 30-Day Program is Just $197.

Most women pay for it (and then some) just by taking a break.

The Four Pillars Course
Daily Inbox Inspiration
The SOS Process

Weekly Live Coaching 

The Answer Bank
Progress Trackers

If you sign up in the next 24 hours you’ll get a ton of incredible bonuses.


Because I know how daunting it can be to take this step and I like to reward people who are brave.

How to Handle Questions

A guide to help you answer any question you get about your break.

Optimal Health Bonus Course

A video series on how to cope if you drink to deal with insomnia, chronic pain, or injuries.

Managing COVID-19 Anxiety

Special classes to help you deal with anxiety and worry during a crisis.

The Pep Talk Sessions

Super short audios when you need a coach to help quickly shift your mindset.

Podcast Roadmap

A roadmap to the podcast episodes that will supercharge your results.

Recommended Reading

My all-time favorite books that helped me change my life.

Frequently asked questions

I’m Scared to sign up

I’m really nervous about committing.
Use this to your advantage. In order to change your relationship to alcohol, you have to take action even when it’s uncomfortable. Consider this the start of your practice.
I want to do this, but now isn’t a good time for me.
Now is the perfect time. The only way to change your relationship to alcohol is to stop waiting for a “good” time and learn how to say no when real life is unfolding.
What if I give in and drink during the break? I can’t handle failing again.
We’ve made failure impossible. Inside you’ll find a plan for every potential obstacle. If you drink, you’ll learn a process that turns setbacks into stepping stones.
I really need a drink to fall asleep, and I’m terrified of insomnia.
Your body needs to re-learn good sleep hygiene, and it can’t do that when you’re drinking. Inside you’ll learn how to deal with insomnia so that it doesn’t upend your life.

Am I the right fit?

I’ve never taken a break before. I’m not sure I can do it.
Of course you can! Humans don’t need to drink. If you knew you would be kind to yourself no matter what happened, would you be afraid to fail? Of course not! You’re not afraid of failure; you’re afraid of how you’ll treat yourself if you break your commitment. One of the most important skills you’ll learn inside this program is how to always have your back and stop beating yourself up, regardless of what happens. It’s the only way to create change.
Why will this time be different? I’ve taken lots of breaks before and went right back to drinking.
That’s what happens when you’re focused on using willpower to say no to a drink. That’s not what we do inside Take a Break. We learn how the brain works so that we can change our desire instead of just white-knuckling it.
There will be alcohol in the house because my partner/roommate drinks. Is that a problem?
No. Having alcohol around can actually be a good thing. Instead of telling yourself you can only succeed when you aren’t around booze, you’ll be able to practice saying no in the real world where people may make different choices from you.
I’m not a daily drinker, but when I do drink, I drink a lot. Will this work for me?

Yes. This work is all about understanding why you have developed your specific relationship with alcohol and learning how to change it. This applies whether or not you drink every day, drink on weekends, or drink only occasionally.

I don’t want to stop drinking forever. Will this work for me?

Yes. This work isn’t about deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s about giving your mind and body a break so that you can take your brain off auto-pilot and make a considered choice that you feel good about.

I’m currently alcohol-free. Can I still join?
Yes! Lots of women join who are already alcohol-free because they still have a lot of desire, feel like they are missing out, or notice themselves isolating. This program will help you change all that.
My problem is overeating. Can I still join?
Yes. We can show you to apply the tools to your unique situation.
Are there any women this program isn’t right for?
Very few. The vast majority of women who want to change their drinking aren’t physically addicted to alcohol. If you have a physical addiction—in other words without alcohol you experience tremors, shakes, sweats, or feel physically ill—please do not join unless you are under a doctor’s supervision and have gotten a medical clearance to stop drinking. If you are unsure whether or not this applies to your situation, please consult a doctor.


Do you offer discounts or payment plans?
No. Most women find that just by taking a break they pay for the entire cost of the program (and then some).
What if it doesn’t work. Do you offer refunds?
No. If you show up and do the work, you will change your relationship to alcohol. We don’t offer refunds so that you will go all in on the process and create the change you want.
My partner isn’t supportive and thinks I’m wasting my money.
The only support you really need is your own because you’re the only person who can change your relationship with alcohol. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need someone else to change their mind so that you can feel good about your decision.
Can I use my health savings account or insurance?
Possibly. Check with your employer or insurance provider if you are unsure. Once you sign up for the Take a Break program you will receive an email receipt that you can include in any paperwork.
What are the fees in my currency?
The fee for the Take a Break program is listed in U.S. dollars.

How does the program work?

When does the program start?
You’ll get access to the private member website and all the course materials as soon as you sign up.
How long will I have access to the program?
This is an interactive coaching program that is run live. You’ll have access to the coaching and program materials for 30 days after signing up.
What if I need more than 30 days of support?
No problem. Once your 30-days are up, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in continued coaching support where we go deeper into the material.
Can I participate anonymously?
Yes. You can be as visible or hidden as you want inside the program. You can even submit coaching questions anonymously.
Is there a social media component?
No. You don’t have to worry about someone stumbling onto your profile or finding out that you’re taking part of this program.
If I live outside the U.S., can I still participate?
Of course! Women join from all over the world, and the call schedule varies to accommodate different time zones.
Is the program actually live?
Yes. You are taking a break from drinking and getting coaching support in real-time.
I have a busy schedule. How much time do I need to commit?
After your initial onboarding (we recommend setting aside an hour) you can complete the work in as little as 15 minutes a day, going deeper as time permits.
Will you teach me how to plan my drinking once the 30 days are up?
No. I teach you how to uncover why you want to drink and how to make a decision that you feel good about. If you want to incorporate alcohol back into your life, how you do it is up to you, but remember, a drink plan is only as good as your ability to follow it. If you can’t follow one, you have more work to understand how the habit works.

How does coaching work?

Do I really get to talk to Rachel inside the program?
Yes. All you have to do is sign up for live coaching.
What are the group coaching calls?
Every week, all the women currently active in the program are invited to participate in hour-long, group coaching calls. The calls are held on Zoom and you can join via phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
Will everyone be able to see me when I join a coaching call?
No. Everyone sees Rachel’s video. Your video will only appear if Rachel brings you on for live coaching.
What happens when Rachel is coaching me?
Coaching is all about problem-solving. Rachel will help you identify the blind spots and obstacles getting in the way of success and strategies to overcome them. This isn’t about delving into your past or talking about your childhood. It’s about creating simple, effective solutions that you can implement right away.
When are the live coaching calls?
Coaching calls happen on different days and different times every week to accommodate women in multiple time zones. Every call is recorded and posted on the site within 24 hours so that you can watch the replay later.
What if I can’t attend the live calls?
Listen to them at your convenience! Over half of the women in the program never attend live calls and only watch the replays.
What if I need individual coaching?
When you get coached on one of the live group calls, you are getting individual coaching. Most women request 1-1 coaching because they believe their problem is unique. Watching other women get coached helps you to understand how common our struggles are. You can also post an anonymous question at any time in Ask a Coach.

Who should I contact with specific questions?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ, feel free to email us at support@rachelhart.com and we will get you an answer.

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take a break program