The Secret to Drinking Less (without feeling like you're missing out)

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Discover exactly how to drink less
so you can take charge of your drinking.

Older woman drinking wine alone

Learn easy tools that will help you take back your control.

Tuesday August 9th 11am PT | 12PM MT | 1PM CT | 2PM ET

I feel like for the first time I can start to take control of my rocky relationship with alcohol.
I feel relieved that someone gets it. Thank you for this.

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What if I can't attend at that time?

We’ll send you a replay shortly after finishing the class.

Can I attend anonymously?

Yes, when you log into Zoom you will only see Rachel’s screen. Your name will not be displayed for other participants to see.

Is the class free?

Yes, this class is entirely free.

How long will it be?

The class will be an hour long.

I would recommend this class to others because…

I would say it has some very real tangible thoughts and suggestions that can help right away.

I would absolutely tell you to take this class!

Rachel’s approach is new and different, based more on clinical facts than faith in a higher power. Her method seems more practical and realistic and relevant.

This class gave me a concrete method instead of just nebulously saying to “drink mindfully.’

Everyone says that but nobody says HOW. This gave me a tool for it.