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Okay. Deep breath. I know you drank too much last night.
Your secret’s safe with me.

Let’s start with the good news, shall we?

You’re not powerless. You don’t need to ask a higher power for help. There’s no need to make amends for the errors of your way, or to attend anonymous meetings in a basement for the rest of your life.

It’s the twenty-first century for Pete’s sake, and science has learned a thing or two in the last 80 years about how the brain works and the downsides of trying to shame people into change.

Because here’s the thing: You’ve probably already tried shaming yourself into change, right? If beating yourself up was the solution for drinking too much, it would have worked by now.

You’re not broken. Yes, last night wasn’t the first time you overdid it. Or the second. Or maybe not even the 150th, am I right? You promised yourself you wouldn’t do this (again), and yet here you are today. But that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. In fact, your brain is working just as it was designed. The problem is no one ever gave you the operating manual.

How do I know all this?

If the Girl Scouts handed out badges for not keeping your word when it came to drinking, I would have a sash full of them. Actually, I do have a sash and a vest full of badges from my days as a Girl Scout (Hey, I like gold stars) but that’s a whole other story.

  • I know what it’s like to wake up after a night of drinking too much filled to the brim with regret.

  • I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and lost. Because nothing you’ve tried has worked and all your Google searches keep telling you the only solution is AA.

  • I also know what it’s like to worry about your drinking because you don’t always like what you see in yourself when you do.
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But I also know what it’s like to have a life that is way bigger and better without alcohol.
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The bad news is that drinking too much is not a habit that magically changes on its own. The longer you wait, the more ingrained it becomes. You need to take action, now.
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But first we need to understand what happened last night, minus all the shame and blame.
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Work was a total shit-show (Oh, and it has been for months).
You just needed a night off, and pouring a glass of wine is the only time you give yourself permission to stop looking at the flood of emails from your boss.

You were so good all week, a regular saint, in fact. You even turned down a freaking cupcake. A CUP-cake! Still the scale hasn’t budged. If all that hard work doesn’t matter, why not pour yourself a glass?

There was a sale on your favorite bottle! There you were innocently pushing your grocery cart down the aisle when the $14.99 sign practically jumped out at you. How could you say no to a deal?

“You’re not going to make me drink alone, are you?” UGH! Your partner knows you’re trying to be good. But truthfully, sharing a drink is one of the few opportunities the two of you have to connect.

It was too awkward not to. You showed up at the fundraiser and immediately your inner mean girl kicked into high gear. Your options were sneak out the back or make a beeline for the bartender. You chose the latter.

It’s the freakin’ weekend. All work and no play makes Wendy a dull girl, and nose to the grindstone doesn’t begin to capture your work ethic.

You’re inundated the moment you walk through the door. Dinner won’t make itself. Homework battles. Bedtime meltdowns. Opening up a bottle of wine is the signal that you’re finally off mom duty.

Girls just wanna have fun. Cyndi Lauper was right. Things haven’t been so fun lately. In fact, things haven’t been fun in a long time. You’re always feeling behind and are so incredibly tired.

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You have the best of intentions each morning, but by five o’clock they’re out the window. You might as well have a split personality.
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I promise I’m not psychic (Although I do still love my Magic 8 Ball). I know this because I used to be you. So trust me when I say I get it.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out why I drank too much. And I spent years trying to get to the bottom of this.

I counted. I spaced. I alternated. I used elimination diets and juice cleanses as excuses to say no. I wrote down commitments on paper (tiny scraps of paper that no one would see). I filled up journals. I even went to therapy.

But I always ended up right back where I started. My relationship with drinking wouldn’t budge. Every failed attempt only reinforced that I was cursed with a love for booze and a broken off switch.

The more failures I racked up, the more freaked out I became.

The truth was, I had no idea why alcohol seemed to have a pull over me, but I was sure of one thing.
Labeling myself an alcoholic never felt... right.

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Addictive personality? Now that made sense. Because my relationship with food was just as problematic as my relationship with drinking.
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I hated that the ritual of uncorking a beautiful bottle of wine had turned into passing out in front of Netflix, but my life was not in tatters. Far from it.

Sure, I struggled keeping commitments to myself, but I was an expert at keeping them for others. My home was spotless. I never missed a deadline at work (or deadlines in general). I was on top of my to-do list and everyone else’s.

Most people looked at my life and thought I was killing it. Fancy jobs. Handsome boyfriends. Paying my own way through the big city. But I never felt like the world’s interpretation of me matched who I really was.

What people couldn’t see was that I felt like an imposter most of the time, hated how I looked in the mirror, obsessively tried to keep everyone around me happy, and was terrified drinking too much meant something was really wrong with me.

The good news is that I figured out the solution.

Instead of focusing on how drinking too much was a problem, I had to understand how drinking was helping me. Only then could I learn how to change my relationship to alcohol.

I dove into learning how the brain works. I learned tools to shift my thought patterns. Along the way I quit my fancy job to become a master life coach so that I could bring this work to as many women as possible.

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Here’s what needs to happen right now. Your mind and body need a break from drinking so that you can teach yourself how to have a new relationship with alcohol.
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I’m not talking forever. Let’s start with 30 days. But this can’t be like your other attempts to say no. You can’t just grit your teeth and cross days off a calendar. I’m talking about using a break period so that you learn how to apply modern-day tools of lasting habit change.

You need to take a break.
And that’s what I can show you how to do - the right way.

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Take a break is a live, online coaching program for women that will teach you why you developed the habit and how to get rid of it.
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  • Use a step-by-step process to say no to a drink that will help you rewire your brain.

  • Become someone who never gives in, never caves, never goes back on her word -- no matter how tempting the situation.

  • End the never-ending battle with your desire to drink (not to mention all forms of immediate gratification).

  • Hang out with people who are drinking (when you’re not) without deprivation, restriction or endless FOMO.

  • Prevent the common mistakes that actually increase your desire to drink when you’re not drinking.

  • Make sure you don’t replace the habit of uncorking a bottle of wine with rummaging through the fridge.

  • Feel comfortable answering people’s questions about why you aren’t drinking so that you don’t fall into the trap of isolating.

  • Learn how to get back on track after a binge. Because yes, we make room for imperfection.

  • Master a self-coaching tool that will teach you how to feel better quickly and go after what it is you really want out of life.

Even better, you can start today. Yes, right now. Because studies show it’s easiest to adopt new habits when you feel motivated.

Get started on December 2nd

Still not sure?

Did you ever get out of a relationship with someone only to realize once you weren’t together that they were kind of a jerk?

Eventually, you found a new partner but after a while you were like... what the hell, how did I end up in the same crappy relationship all over again?!

Yep. Been there, done that many times over.

You got right back into the same relationship because YOU hadn’t changed! You just took all your old beliefs and applied them to a new person.

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Now listen, I’m not saying alcohol is a jerk partner. I actually think that alcohol is neither good nor bad. But YOU can’t have a healthy relationship with it until you get your head on straight.
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What will your relationship with alcohol look like in the future? I don’t know. That’s for you to discover.

  • Maybe you’ll decide (gasp!) that life is actually way better when you’re not drinking.

  • Maybe you’ll find out that what you were really desiring every night wasn’t actually a glass of wine. It was relief from the barrage of stress, anxiety, and worry.

  • Maybe you’ll save alcohol for special occasions rather than nightly rewards.

  • Maybe you’ll decide you do want to drink again, but you want it to be an actual decision that you feel good about rather than your brain running on auto-pilot.

So yes, you need to take a break so that you can start tackling some of the mind-drama that is leading to you pouring a glass of wine (and then two and then three and before you know it the bottle is empty).

Here’s another secret. Just by pressing pause on alcohol you’ll also unlock loads of added benefits.

Lose weight.

I don’t care if you only drink Skinnygirl Margaritas. Alcohol = empty calories and extra snacking. Sabotaging all your hard work at the gym.

Better looking skin.

In addition to day-after puffy face (thanks dehydration), alcohol robs the body of Vitamin A, the main ingredient in your fancy anti-aging Retinol serum.

More restful sleep.

Groggy and unfocused in the morning? Alcohol mucks up REM sleep (the most restorative part of your sleep cycle) increases snoring, and leads to more middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

Improved Digestion.

Drinking doesn’t just contribute to more stomach acid (sour stomach anyone?). It creates an inhospitable environment for healthy gut bacteria which means all those expensive probiotics are fighting a losing battle.

Increased Productivity.

I mean really, do I have to explain this one? Better sleep + improved health = more energy. Look at what you’re getting done now, and imagine what would happen if you were running at full capacity.

More money.

Again, this should be obvious, but have you ever really sat down and tallied what you spend on alcohol at home, in restaurants, at bars? Thirty days of not drinking will easily save you hundreds of dollars.

More Time.

Drinking steals the little time you have to yourself at night. Once you’re several glasses in, you end up zoning out in the evenings and oversleeping in the mornings.


Next-day regret isn’t the only reason you feel anxious or blue after a night of drinking. Your body and brain are working to recalibrate levels of neurotransmitters. Regular drinking also lowers the levels of serotonin in your brain which is crucial for regulating mood.

A Better You.

When you’re more present with the people you love you can actually connect with them. You’ll become a better friend, a better mom, and a better partner. Not to mention someone who is excited about her future.

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I mean really, don’t you want to look better in the mirror, have way more energy, feel happier, be more efficient, and have more money in your pocket?
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Sounds exciting, right? Here’s how you get started.

When you sign up, you’ll get 30 days of access to a private members-only website where I’ll walk you through a break from drinking in real time.

You’ll learn through a combination of LIVE weekly coaching calls, video modules, exercises, and an Ask a Coach section where you can ask me anything.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step program teaching you how to take a break from drinking while applying modern-day tools of habit change so that you can start re-wiring your brain. You’ll also discover how to ease the anxiety, stress, worry, and boredom that has you drinking in the first place, because you need to feel better overall for lasting success.

You’ll learn a simple, easy-to-apply self-coaching tool that will help you change your relationship with alcohol, get off your daily emotional rollercoaster, and stop feeling so anxious about not drinking at parties, date-nights, family get-togethers, vacations, or any other scenario that feels impossible without a buzz.

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I’m going to teach you why you desire alcohol, how it becomes a habit, and how to change your relationship with drinking... forever.
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Sorry guys, this is only open to ladies. This work gets real about the role alcohol plays in body image, sex, relationships, juggling work with motherhood, and a host of other women-only issues.

How much you participate is up to you. If you prefer, you can simply watch the videos and complete the exercises on your own. But you’ll always have access to a special area of the site where you can ask me anything anonymously.

Your investment is just $197.

That’s all that it takes to become the best version of you.

Simply fill out the form below and let's get you started.

See you inside.

Get started on December 2nd

Frequently Asked Questions

I am thinking of signing up, but already feeling a little scared.
Contemplating change sends most people headfirst into fear, doubt and worry. You can listen to the fear and the habit and keep drinking too much, or you can take action despite being nervous, and teach your brain that fear is never a good reason to stagnate.

I want to do this, but now’s not a good time.
Okay, let’s be real. A "good" time isn’t coming. You need to learn how to say no in the real world when life is actually happening. If you can only succeed when your schedule is empty, that’s not success.

I’ve never taken a break for this long and not sure I can do it.
I get it. Every woman I’ve worked with has the same question: Can I really do this? You can, especially when you have a master life coach on your side, every step of the way.

What if I give in and drink during the break?
In this program, failure is impossible. Seriously. I’ve created a plan for every potential obstacle. And if you do drink, you never go back to square one. I’ll show you how to use the decision to drink to better understand how the habit works and what’s truly driving it.

What if I’m already abstaining. Will this program still be beneficial?
Yes! If you’re frustrated that you’re not making headway faster decreasing your desire, sometimes feel like you’re missing out, or notice yourself isolating, this program will help you change all of that.

I’ve given up alcohol for periods before and always went right back to the habit.
This happens when you’re focused primarily on saying no and not spending time to understand why you were saying yes. This work isn’t about crossing days off a calendar or willpower. It’s about getting to the root cause of the habit so that you can change it.

What if I’m not sure I want to stop drinking forever?
The vast majority of women I work with are in the same shoes. This isn’t about deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s about giving your mind and body a break so that you can take your brain off auto-pilot and make a considered choice that you feel good about.

Okay, but I really need a drink to fall asleep. I’m terrified of insomnia.
There are no two ways about it: alcohol only ever disrupts your sleep. Your body needs to re-learn good sleep hygiene, and it can’t do that when you’re drinking. I’ll show you how to deal with insomnia so that it doesn’t wreak havoc on your life.

My partner drinks and there will be alcohol in the house.
Not a problem! You don’t have to isolate yourself from alcohol in order to be successful. In fact, having alcohol around can actually help succeed. You have to learn how to say no in the real world where other people imbibe and offer you drinks.

Can I participate anonymously?
Yes! You can be as visible or hidden as you want. You’ll be able to complete all the work in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule and you can submit coaching questions anonymously. Plus there’s no social media component, so you don’t have to worry about someone stumbling on to your profile.

I’ve never been coached before. What does that look like?
Coaching is problem solving at its finest. I help you identify the blind spots and obstacles getting in the way of success and strategies to overcome them. This isn’t about delving into your past or talking about your childhood. It’s about creating simple, effective solutions that you can implement right away.

When are the live coaching calls?
Coaching calls are held at various times during the month to accommodate women in multiple time zones. But don’t worry, all calls are recorded so you can always watch a replay later.

Are there any women this program isn’t right for?
Yes. If you’re physically addicted to alcohol—in other words you experience tremors, shakes or need a drink to avoid feeling physically ill—this is not the right program for you. Please consult a medical professional before you attempt to stop drinking.

Is the program actually live?
Yes, you are taking a break and learning in real time. Each week, there are live coaching calls and during the program you have access to special area of the website where you can ask questions, get help with lessons, and practice using the tools, totally anonymously.

How long will I have access to the program?
You’ll have access to the live coaching and lesson materials for 30 days after you sign up. Once your 30-days is up, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in advanced classes and get continuing coaching support.

If you still have questions just email and we’ll take care of you.

Rachel brings humor, intelligence, and compassion which helped me defuse the sense that the drinking habit is fearsome. She helped me feel so much more confident and capable, not just around alcohol but in general. 

Rachel helped me defuse that the drinking habit is fearsome.

I learned how to slow down and identify with the “observer” upper mind instead of the “impulsive” lower mind. Now I can captain the ship instead of feeling like a helpless passenger on it. Overall, I feel so much more in control and so happy that all this work has helped so many other aspects of my life.


I’ve grown in so many ways, most importantly realizing it’s “ok” not to drink. (Sounds silly, but I thought you “had” to drink to be normal.) My desire for alcohol has decreased and I feel like I am showing up more and accomplishing more physically and mentally.

Working with Rachel is worth every penny.

Never in my life have I had so much self reflection before. I understand now that my thoughts create my life and this is life changing for me! Working with Rachel is worth every penny.


All of Rachel’s ideas really hit home, but most of all, I finally feel like I’m not alone and nothing is wrong with me. It’s hard to explain, but the experience of my urges has dramatically changed. 

I finally feel like I’m not alone and nothing is wrong with me.

I was weary and scared to take the plunge and let someone in, but I feel so thankful to have found Rachel and discovered that I want to experience life without drinking.


I finally feel comfortable moving forward and am so proud of the different way I look at alcohol and how the habit has changed. 

I am so proud of how the habit has changed.

I know that my journey isn’t over, but because of these tools I finally feel confident that I continue to learn and grow.


Last night when I got home my husband said “do we have any beer?” This used to be my cue for the brain to say “I’ll join you!!”  

I felt no desire to even take a swig. What?!!

But shockingly I got it for him, opened it, and felt no desire to even take a swig. What?!! I thought there might be resistance or permission-giving thoughts, but I was truly indifferent and very happy.


It’s huge for me to be out socially and not obsess about the wine and food (debating how much to have, eating mindlessly, getting several refills, and then beating myself up). 

It’s huge for me to be out socially and not obsess about the wine and food.

But tonight at book group, I just wasn’t interested, despite being surrounded by wine, dip, and desserts. I never thought that would be possible. Amazing!


This work has finally given me permission to just relax. I never realized before, but I was always telling myself I was being “lazy” when I stopped working around the house in the evenings.

I give myself permission to relax and don’t need wine to do it.

Pouring a big, fat glass of wine was my loophole to justify sitting down couch and relaxing. At night if I’m tired, I give myself permission to relax, without guilt, and I don’t need wine to do it. This is a major victory for me!


Get started on December 2nd

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